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June 11, 2013

Sewing Tips For Beginners

February 14, 2011

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Here are some simple beginner tips  if you are teaching yourself to sew

1. Choose a simple, small project If you are teaching yourself, start with a quick, simple and fun pattern “instant gratification project” like a bag, apron, or cushion.  Learn the basics on your pattern guide sheet and soon you will have a completed item ready to use.

2. Work with fabric you love. I am so inspired when I choose beautiful fabric.  It may be the texture or the colour I love.  Then there is the gorgeous patchwork designer fabrics like Amy  Butler and if you love bright colours, Kaffe Fassett has some beautiful designs perfect for the above items or a skirt.

. Buy a quick unpicker. Learn how to use it. Picking out stitches is just a part of sewing, so don’t be discouraged when you have to unpick.

4. Always iron as you sew, this gives a professional finish.  Rather than trying to iron at the end of the project.

5. Buy extra bobbins. Wind an extra bobbin of thread you are working with, at the beginning of your project. You can sew a whole seam and then realise you have run out of bobbin thread!

6. Enjoy the process
and let go of perfectionist tendencies.  Have fun and if you stand back a metre from your project, can you see the small imperfection?  If not let it go.  With every project you get better and better.

7. Keep a notebook of what you did (measurements, how you accomplished some detail). That way if you want to duplicate your project you don’t have to start from the beginning.

Be Inspired – Sewing Classes & Private Lessons

March 15, 2010

Why not get creative with me as I talk about sewing & more and share some tips.  Here are some reasons why to start sewing.

I teach private sewing tuition in Auckland if you would like some guidance. If you don’t live near by or want to go solo,  just pick up your needle and thread and create something at home.  It can be as simple and easy as a handmade gift, like a pincushion made from gingham or vintage fabric.  Making decorative pincushions also enables you to get familiar and confident using your sewing machine.

Sewing is also a great way to save money, by taking up your own hems, doing alterations to your clothes, making your own curtains, cushions and clothing. So you can be creative by saving money.  Or buy secondhand and recycle by sewing a few simple alterations.

Maybe fashion is your passion and you want to make your own designs.  Start simple so you don’t get frustrated, sewing is a great teacher of patients!  A good design often has very simple lines.  Learn the basics of pattern and fabric choice, suited to your body shape.  Vogue patterns have an indicator on their patterns as to which style is best for your body shape. If you are a beginner, start with the pattern that states very easy or beginner.  For absolute beginners I suggest using Newlook and Kwiksew patterns, they are very simple to follow.

Perhaps you struggle with buying clothes that actually fit you.  So you want better fitting clothes that are flattering.  With a few simple tips you can achieve this.

It’s a good reason to socialise, so get a few friends together for an afternoon and help each other to sew and catchup.

There are many reasons to learn to Sew apart from the fact it’s creative and fun!


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